Why you need Vitamin D and How to Get it!

On my journey to finding better health I started going to a functional medicine doctor to get answers to a lot of health concerns that I was having.  In the process, I had some labwork done that revealed that I had a SEVERE Vitamin D Deficiency.  I never thought about Vitamin D or really knew what it was used for.  I grew up with the understanding that Vitamin D was found in milk and I used to eat a ton of cheeses so I never even thought about having a deficiency in this vitamin.  Boy was I wrong… On a ton of levels!!

After finding out my deficiency I started doing a TON of research and talked with my doctors and learned that I was completely wrong in my ideas about Vitamin D.  First Off… Vitamin D comes from the Sun. Period. Not Milk. You need to be exposed to the UV rays of the sun to have your body create Vitamin D.  Now you shouldn’t go out and lay in the sun for an hour and get burnt but on average you should spend at least 10-20 minutes a day exposed to the sun.  If you skin starts to turn light pink you have met your maximum Vitamin D production and you should avoid more exposure or you could risk becoming burnt.  Now I live in Michigan where the weather can be cooperative and uncooperative at times.  Some years we have virtually no summer and many months of winter so exposing myself to the sun can get tricky.  So I have learned that when being outdoors is not an option I need to make sure that I am supplementing with Vitamin D in my daily vitamins to avoid a deficiency.  One shocking thing I discovered was that 85% of Americans are also deficient in Vitamin D.  When you hear about what Vitamin D does for your body you may rethink not taking 10 minutes to go sit in the sun…

why you need vitamin d and how to get it


So What does Vitamin D do for our bodies anyway? Glad you asked… Vitamin D plays a crucial role in disease prevention.  Vitamin D can cut your risk of developing cancer by up to 60% and stop the production of new cancer cells.  It also helps reduce your chances of becoming Type 2 diabetic, macular degeneration, and chronic inflammation in your body. It also helps fight infections keeping you free of pneumonia, colds, and the flu. These are just a few of the many many health benefits of Vitamin D.

I urge you to take some time to research whether Vitamin D could play a part in helping your health conditions.  I know that it is helping mine out a ton!


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