Top ways to Naturally get rid of a Cold

This is the time of year when we all have to face getting a cold!  The germs are EVERYWHERE!  It seems like every time I turn on the television I hear about a flu epidemic hitting the area!  I used to be one of those people who were sick ALL THE TIME!! 🙁  It seemed like I was sick from October through March or April every year.  I also used to rely on medications and was eating processed foods during that time also.  I know that there are a lot of people out there who believe the flu shot is a huge priority for the winter season but I am 100% against it and during the two years that I agreed to get one, I was sicker than I had ever been in my life.  One time I was almost hospitalized and the same thing went for the only year I let my children get the shot.

I also DO NOT go to the doctor if I get a cold.  I think that back when I would take the antibiotics it forced me to continuously be sick and now the only way I would go is if I was very very ill.  That being said there are a ton of ways to get rid of the average cold or flu without the use of medicine and by using your own immune system.  It is important to keep your immune system strong throughout the year so that it has the ability to fight off bacteria.  This is what it was designed for and unless you have an immune system problem it should be able to heal your body.

I’m going to give you an example of exactly why I will not treat with medications.  Three years ago, I came down with a very very bad cold that lingered for two weeks before I finally broke down and went to a doctor.  My children were both also very sick with the same cold and I made an appointment for all three of us.  We all were running fevers, would get into coughing fits that it was difficult to breath, had runny noses, and all that other fun stuff that are clear signs of a cold.  When I got to the doctors office they just told me the kids had seasonal allergies (which they don’t have!) and prescribed them Claritin.  He then went on to tell me I wasn’t sick that I had Asthma (which I 100% did NOT have!!) and prescribed me an inhaler and told me I would need it for the rest of my life.  I was disgusted that this doctor was so incompetent that I have honestly not been to a doctor since for anything related to a cold or flu.  I ended up curing the cold naturally on my own and never even remotely filled those prescriptions.

Top ways to get rid of a cold naturally

Here are the top ways I make it through the Flu Season:

  1. Take extra Vitamin C during Cold Season.  My family all takes a multi- vitamin everyday.  I switch to a vitamin with extra Vitamin C in it around October and we take it until Spring to help fight off any colds.
  2. Visit a Chiropractor.  During the time that I had the horrible doctor experience I was seeing a Chiropractor.  When I talked to him about what I was experiencing he told me that there were adjustments he could do that would help.  Within the first adjustment with my neck for the cold I experienced a ton of relief and the coughing fits almost completely stopped!
  3. Drink lots of Fluids.  Drinking fluids especially water when you are sick is huge!  It will help to keep you from becoming dehydrated and will help your body fight the germs off.
  4. If you are congested Take a hot shower or bath.  Taking a hot bath or shower can do wonders to help with sinus congestion.  You can also boil a pot of water on the stove and place your face down to it with a towel over your head to keep in the steam.  (Be careful with this one that you do not burn yourself)
  5. Get lots of Rest.  Getting rest and relaxing while your sick is important to give your body time to heal!
  6.  Take Honey.  If you have a cough that won’t go away take 1 tsp. of honey and it will work as a natural cough suppressant.


  1. Some very good suggestions. Taking extra Vitamin C is always a smart idea during the cold & flu season and get plenty of sleep is always a must for good health. Thanks for sharing. Visiting for MMM Link up Party! Have a healthy day!

  2. Great reminders!

  3. Great Tips!!
    Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop!

  4. Amber Neal says:

    Thank you for sharing this and linking up this week with us for MMM link up party! I am a huge believer in treating illness naturally when it can be. I think our society is always so quick to just pop some pills and then pop more pills to deal the the side effects of those pills.I am sharing this on Adventures in Mindful Living’s FB page this morning. Have a great day and I hope you will come back next week and link up again!

  5. Here’s a recipe that I made for clod and flu preventer/healer. My kids don’t like it because it’s “different.” They come home with colds and I eat this stuff. I haven’t gotten sick yet this season despite 4 rounds of colds running through our household. BTW – I’m not affiliated with this web site in any way. It’s just one of my main sources for healthy recipes and eating.

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