Top 8 Suprising Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

I was given an Aloe Vera Plant several years ago by my grandmother to grow in our home.  She gave it to me one day after my daughter had gotten sun burnt after spending a day at the beach.  Little did I know that this Aloe plant had so many more health benefits then just a Sun burn ointment. I have put together a list of my Top 8 Surprising Health Benefits of Aloe Vera.  There are even many more than this though!

In my past several years of studying to become a Doctor of Natural Medicine I’ve encountered this plant many times.  It has so many surprising health benefits that I feel like I need to tell you about. Another huge positive to these plants are they are super easy to take care of and grow that anyone can do it.  They also can be grown practically anywhere and do not even require a ton of water or sunlight!

Before we start learning about the surprising health benefits you will need to know a little about the plant.  First of all Aloe Plants provide two different types of beneficial substances.  The first substance is known as Aloe Gel.  This is probably the most commonly known substance of this plant because this can be bought easily at the store and is what is known for Sun Burns.  It is a clear jelly-like substance that is found if you break open the plant.  The Second substance is less commonly known and it is called Aloe Latex.  It is yellow in color and is found under the plant’s skin.

Health Benefits

Aloe Gel: 

  1. Skin Irritations and Rashes. Aloe Gel can be used to treat Frostbite, Dermatitis and even Psoriasis. It can also be used in shampoos or conditioner to treat an itchy scalp.
  2. Heal Wounds. Aloe Gel has been proven to help heal wounds of the skin.
  3. Heal Burns. Aloe Gel is commonly used to treat Sun Burns and burns of any type.
  4. Treat Cold Sores. The discomfort that comes along with Cold Sores can be eliminated by rubbing aloe gel on the sore several times a day.
  5. Helps with Digestion. Aloe Gel helps with digestion by equalizing PH and your Acid/Alkalinity Levels.
  6. Treat Bad Breath. Mixing 1/2 cup of aloe gel with water or apple juice will eliminate bad breath.

Aloe Latex:

  1. Diabetes. Studies have proven Aloe to be able to help with high blood sugar in people with chronic problems.
  2. Constipation. Aloe Latex can be used to help relieve the symptoms of Constipation. It is considered a natural laxative.

 Surprising health benefits aloe vera

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