Enjoy a Refreshing Drink with Santa Cruz Organic Juices!

*This post may contain affiliate links.  Please see Disclosure statement for more information* It has been a very hot Summer for Michigan this year!  I think the temperature is supposed to reach 100 degrees this week!!  On hot days like this it is very important to stay hydrated so that you do not develop any […]

Homemade Spagetti Sauce (with Garden Tomatoes)

This was my first year with a garden at my new home!  I was very busy moving in so I didn’t get nearly as much planted this year as I had hoped and then my chickens went through my garden and destroyed pretty much everything else that I had actually planted.  The one thing that […]

How to Regrow Romaine Lettuce using just Water!

I was on Pinterest the other day when I saw a post about regrowing lettuce from the old stump part and I thought that it was a joke because it didn’t even require dirt to do!  I had just bought 3 heads of Organic Romaine Lettuce from the store and decided I would at least […]