Why Start my Seeds Growing Indoors?

After all the craziness  of the Holiday’s ends in January I turn my focus on my next Summer’s Garden.  I sit down and order all my seed catalogs and then wait for a couple weeks until they all start to come in.  This is when my planning really starts to begin.  I figure out what […]

Creating my New Strawberry Bed for Next Year!

Now that Fall is quickly coming here in Michigan I decided I better get some of these last minute projects done that I have been meaning to do all summer and just have not had the time.  One of these is to create a new strawberry bed for my strawberries.  I was given a couple […]

Looking to raise Chickens? A walk-through Guide of what you will need to know!

This year my Husband and I made the decision that we want to add more chickens to our current flock. We started with 6 chickens last spring and we ended up losing 2 of them to extreme cold weather this winter. We decided that we were going to add in 6 more new chickens this […]