Taco Stuffed Peppers

With the Holidays behind us I’m finally getting back on here and getting to work! The last two weeks have been a blur full of Christmas Parties and a mess of a house! 🙂 With some down time the past two weeks I was excited to get to try out a new recipe that I […]

Eco cleaning solutions for people with Sensitive Skin

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! Today we have a very informative article from a guest writer! Kathleen Crane is here to share Eco Cleaning Solutions for people with Sensitive Skin!   Providing of the basic cleaning task is a must, especially when you want to maintain a high level of hygiene at home. […]

Money Saving Laundry Tips

As a one income household I am always looking for ways to save money around the house.  I am also looking for ways to “Green” up the way we live and I absolutely try to stay away from any extra chemicals and additives.  One way that I do this is with my laundry.  Here are […]

White Zucchini? What happened to my Zucchini?

This is my 4th year having a garden where I grow zucchini and this year I have faced a challenge.  Usually my garden will produce more green zucchini than I can handle and I end up having to spend a whole day chopping and freezing zucchini for the next year.  This year my plants are […]

Got Rust Stains on your Clothing? Try Lemon Juice as an All Natural Cleaner!

It’s been a crazy couple of days here at our house preparing for Spring with planting seeds and trying to get our garden ready now that there is no snow on the ground!  So its been a couple days since I’ve been able to post, but I really wanted to share this all natural way […]

The “NO Poo” Shampoo Method: Does it really work??

About two months ago I decided to jump on the new “NO Poo” shampoo method trend and try it out for myself.  I first heard about it probably close to a year ago but I was scared to try it out.  I kept researching it more and more though and probably read close to fifty […]

How to make your own Washing Soda using Baking Soda

I make my own laundry detergent and have been doing this for several years now.  My daughter has very sensitive skin so before I started making our own laundry soap I had to be super careful what laundry detergent we bought.  It had to be free and clear and even then she would break out […]

Looking to raise Chickens? A walk-through Guide of what you will need to know!

This year my Husband and I made the decision that we want to add more chickens to our current flock. We started with 6 chickens last spring and we ended up losing 2 of them to extreme cold weather this winter. We decided that we were going to add in 6 more new chickens this […]