How to Make your own Raised Garden Beds

This year we decided to make raised garden beds for our garden after a pretty much complete failure last year.  Last year was our first year in our current home and I really wanted a garden so that we could have fresh vegetables.  We got out our rototiller and tried to create a decent size […]

Top 10 Herbs to Grow at Home

When I planned out my garden this year one of the things I wanted to make sure that I had was herbs to grow.  In my journey to becoming an ND I have learned a lot from courses about herbs and the many health benefits of using herbs in not only your food but as […]

Why Start my Seeds Growing Indoors?

After all the craziness  of the Holiday’s ends in January I turn my focus on my next Summer’s Garden.  I sit down and order all my seed catalogs and then wait for a couple weeks until they all start to come in.  This is when my planning really starts to begin.  I figure out what […]

How to Keep Rabbits from Gorging on Your Garden

Growing up, I always cheered for Peter Rabbit as he was chased mercilessly through the garden by the villainous Mr. McGregor. As it stands now, I’m less inclined to be sympathetic to Peter’s plight. If he had simply listened to his mother and stayed out of the garden, he wouldn’t have had the scare of […]

Creating my New Strawberry Bed for Next Year!

Now that Fall is quickly coming here in Michigan I decided I better get some of these last minute projects done that I have been meaning to do all summer and just have not had the time.  One of these is to create a new strawberry bed for my strawberries.  I was given a couple […]

How to grow Potatoes in a Container

One thing I have found this year with my new garden is that I definitely have more plants than I have space to grow them all in my backyard.  I have decided that I need to plant some of the vegetables and plants in containers in order to maximize my space.  If you do not […]

How to Grow Garlic in a Container

Today, I spent my morning planting my garlic in containers for this upcoming summer!  I love gardening and am really excited about having a huge garden this year.  It’s really quite funny because in the past I have never been interested in gardening and thought it was so much easier to just go to the […]

Simple Way to Organize your Garden Plants

It’s that time of year when I get busy planting all my seeds for this upcoming summer’s garden!  This year I am going all out and am planning on growing enough fruits, vegetables, and herbs to be able to provide food for my family until next summer.  This is a huge undertaking and is involving […]

Do’s and Don’t for what to feed your Worm Compost Bin

The other day I explained to everyone how I built my worm compost bin and today I’m gonna give you some help with what you should put in there for the worms to eat.  There are foods that are okay and then there are others that should be avoided. Here is the list of Food that […]

How to make your own simple Worm Compost Bin

Last week I told you all about my journey into composting.  I started out making a Compost Bin that I keep outdoors and I was waiting on the worm’s I had ordered to arrive to be able to finish up my worm compost bin and share it with you all.  Well Good news is that […]