Homemade Spagetti Sauce (with Garden Tomatoes)

This was my first year with a garden at my new home!  I was very busy moving in so I didn’t get nearly as much planted this year as I had hoped and then my chickens went through my garden and destroyed pretty much everything else that I had actually planted.  The one thing that […]

White Zucchini? What happened to my Zucchini?

This is my 4th year having a garden where I grow zucchini and this year I have faced a challenge.  Usually my garden will produce more green zucchini than I can handle and I end up having to spend a whole day chopping and freezing zucchini for the next year.  This year my plants are […]

Planting my Indoor Garden for Winter

Just because it is getting colder outside doesn’t mean that you have to give up growing fresh vegetables and foods!  I decided that this year I was going to plant an indoor garden so that I can continue to get fresh food.  I usually just have a garden and then throughout the winter I have […]