Daily Elf on the Shelf Ideas- Day 12

Oh My!  Today our elf was found at the top of our Christmas Tree but the biggest surprise is what he decided to decorate the tree with!!  He took pairs of the kids underwear and used them to decorate the tree! The kids thought it was hilarious! If you want to see our other Daily […]

Elf on the Shelf Ideas- Day 11

Sorry guys I was so super busy yesterday I didn’t get time to post our elf adventure.  But I do want to share today’s Elf on the Shelf Adventure!! Today, Elf Bud was found sound asleep in our Kleenex box!  It took the kids quite awhile to find him this morning and it wasn’t until […]

Daily Elf on the Shelf Ideas- Day 10

Day 10: Oh No!  Our elf got himself in some trouble last night! He was found this morning tied up to a board by some of our Star Wars Character Toys!  My kids thought this was hilarious today! To see our other Daily Elf on the Shelf Ideas be sure to check out the links […]

Daily Elf on the Shelf Ideas- Day 9

This morning our elf, Elf Bud, was trying to be helpful!  He must have known that I really needed my coffee this morning! lol! 🙂  He was caught trying to help make me a cup this morning! Now if he would just learn how to do the laundry I would be all set! 🙂 If […]

Daily Elf on the Shelf Ideas- Day 8

This morning my kids woke up to a huge surprise when they tried to go downstairs!  Elf bud (our elf’s name) had taken a roll of toilet paper out of the bathroom and rolled down the stair in it leaving behind a long trail of toilet paper! If you want to see our other Elf […]

Daily Elf on the Shelf Ideas- Day 7

Today our Elf was found reading the story of the Elf on the Shelf to some fellow stuffed animals! For more great ideas to use for your Elf be sure to check out our other days posts below!!

Daily Elf on the Shelf Ideas- Day 6

Today our elf was found hiding in the Blender!  The kids searched forever before they ended up finding him here.  They never expected to find him in the blender.  My daughter is worried that he is stuck in there and won’t be able to get out tonight!  I guess we will have to wait and […]

Elf on the Shelf- Day 5 + Bonus Book Unwrap Program!

This morning our Elf brought the kids an extra surprise!!  I had found this really great idea for unwrapping a book every day until Christmas on Pinterest and decided to incorporate that into our Elf on the Shelf Tradition this year!! This morning the kids woke up to find a letter from Elf Bud and […]

Daily Elf on the Shelf Ideas- Day 4

This is the 4th day our house elf has been with our family!  Our elf’s name is Elf Bud and my kids have loved having him around the past several days.  You can see what our elf has been up to for the past three days HERE! Day 4: Our elf made the kid’s elf […]

Daily Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Our elf returned this year on Thanksgiving morning!!  My kids were super excited to see him and decided to name him Elf Bud!  Each day until Christmas I will post what our elf did!  Here are this weeks Elf on the Shelf ideas because I have been behind in posting with the holidays!   Day […]