Our Elf is Back this Year!

One of the things that my family LOVES each year is the return of our Elf on the Shelf named Elf Bud.  This has been a Christmas Tradition for us for four years now and every year my kids get super excited to see what crazy and funny things our elf friend will do. Honestly […]

Top Elf on the Shelf Ideas

It’s that time of the year again when our Elf (Elf Bud) is getting ready to make his return for the Christmas Holiday! I’ve put together a collection of past things that our silly elf has done to help give you ideas for this year!  I will be sure to post new ideas that our […]

Final Days for Elf on the Shelf 2013!

I’m sad to see our families Elf, Elf Bud, leave tonight for the year.  My daughter has already cried twice about him leaving tonight so I’ve decided to allow them to break the rule and give our Elf a hug tonight before they go to bed in order to tell him Goodbye! This morning we […]

Daily Elf on the Shelf- Day 18

Today, we woke up with a huge mess in our dining room where the Christmas Tree is located!  Our Elf had taken toilet paper and put it all over the Christmas Tree and Lights!! If you would like to see our other Daily Elf on the Shelf Ideas be sure to check out below this […]

Daily Elf on the Shelf Ideas Day 17

Our Silly elf was found playing one of my son’s Playstation 3 games this morning!  He wasn’t doing all that well!  I think he needs to practice a little more! 🙂 **Be sure to check out our other Elf on the Shelf Ideas below this Post!! **

Daily Elf on the Shelf Ideas- Day 16

Today our elf was taking a break and fishing for some goldfish in the toilet!!  The kids thought this was hilarious until they needed to use the bathroom! 🙂 To make this I just took a wood dowel that I had at home and tied a ribbon with a clothespin to the end of the […]

Daily Elf on the Shelf Ideas- Day 15

Today, we found our elf hanging upside down from a ceiling fan in the living room! I hope he doesn’t get a headache from hanging upside down all day! To see our other elf on the shelf daily ideas check out my others posts found below this one!

Daily Elf on the Shelf Ideas- Day 15

Today, Our elf decided to have some fun and color a picture of Santa for the kids!  The kids thought it was funny because he had some trouble staying in the lines when he was coloring! If you want to see any of our other Elf on the Shelf Ideas be sure to look below […]

Daily Elf on the Shelf Ideas- Day 14

Today our Elf was found eating some breakfast on the couch in the living room!  He decided to eat cereal this morning.  It was funny because it is some cereal I had bought for my daughter quite awhile ago that she did not like and her response when she saw him was “Why is he […]

Daily Elf on the Shelf Ideas- Day 13

Today, our elf was found taking a bath with marshmallows in our bathroom sink!  He looked quite relaxed in his bath and even had a towel on his head! This made getting ready this morning quite difficult though!! Be sure to check out other daily posts below to see some other great Elf on the […]