How to Start Composting at Home

Today we have a Guest Post! I’m super excited to learn some more information on how to compost at home! How to Start Composting at Home By Katherine Oakes   Via Modernize Nearly 28% of solid waste is compostable material. That means that the things we throw out on a daily basis—specifically organic waste like […]

Do’s and Don’t for what to feed your Worm Compost Bin

The other day I explained to everyone how I built my worm compost bin and today I’m gonna give you some help with what you should put in there for the worms to eat.  There are foods that are okay and then there are others that should be avoided. Here is the list of Food that […]

How to make your own simple Worm Compost Bin

Last week I told you all about my journey into composting.  I started out making a Compost Bin that I keep outdoors and I was waiting on the worm’s I had ordered to arrive to be able to finish up my worm compost bin and share it with you all.  Well Good news is that […]