Simple DIY Clothesline

Spring has finally started to appear here in Michigan and that means a VERY busy time for us here!  This year we have a ton of goals to create our new home into a homestead for us.  So… I haven’t gotten as many posts written as I would like due to the fact that I have been busy doing things around the farm.  I am taking lots of pictures and notes and will be writing about all our adventures here real soon!

One of the things that I absolutely wanted to get down as soon as the snow was gone was get a clothesline.  We never had time last year to build one due to the fact that we were trying to get some major construction done on our 1880 farmhouse! :/  I love the smell of laundry after being out in the fresh air and I have been looking forward to saving some money on the electric bill also after having spent a small fortune heating our home during the winter.

My wonderful husband built me my clothesline and it only took a weekend to complete the whole thing!  Even if you are not good at woodworking you can make this super simple clothesline!

Simple DIY Clothesline


What you need:

3- 4×4’s- 8 foot length each (We got ours at Menards for 8.49 each and they were untreated.  We chose to paint on a protective layer.

4- 1/4×3-3/4 Lag Screws

4- 1/4″ x 6″ Power Lag Screws- We purchased ours at Menards for .77 each

4- 4″ wood screws

1- 2×4- 8 foot length

2 Bags of Concrete- We paid less then 3.00 per bag at a Home Depot.  We also chose to use quick setting.

1- Stain or Deck Sealant of your choice- We chose a clear deck sealant because we liked the natural color of the wood and just wanted to protect it from rotting due to the weather.  *You don’t need a large container either because it goes a long ways*

1 Roll of Clothesline- 50 foot long

Post Hole Diggers

Screw Gun


How to Build:

  1. Cut one of your 4×4’s in half making it 4 feet long.
  2. You will need to cut your 2×4’s into 21″ lengths and each end needs to be cut at a 45 degree angle.  These pieces will push up against the 4×4’s and give them extra support.
  3. After all your cutting is completed it is time to start piecing it together.  You will take the 6″ screws and screw two into the 4′ 4×4 connecting it thru the top to the 8′ 4×4.  They will create a T. You will need to do this twice for the two posts.
  4. Now it is time to connect the 2×4 pieces to the T.  We used 1- 4″ wood screw for the top and the bottom of the 2×4 to connect it to the 4×4’s.
  5. Put your Lag screws into the 4×4’s to create the spot for the clothesline to attach.  We only did 2 on each post but after building it have decided to add a 3 line in the middle of the T so we can hang more clothing.  Pre-drilling the holes will help tremendously with getting the lag screws put in.
  6. Now your clothesline is built and it’s time to prep the outdoors.  You will need to dig with your post hole diggers 2-3 feet down into the ground.
  7. Mix up your cement according to the directions on the bag and then after placing your clothesline poles in the ground pour the cement in around.  We added large rocks to the hole to help hold the poles up while the cement was drying and it helped keep the poles exactly where we wanted them to stay level.  You will need to use 1 bag for each hole.
  8. Wait 24 hours and then as long as cement is dry you can fill the hole back in the rest of the way with the dirt you removed and add your clothesline string.
  9. Now enjoy nice fresh air dried clothing!!



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