Teach your Child Letters and Numbers using Magic Fairy Dust!

If you have a young child that is trying to learn their letters or numbers I have a GREAT activity you can do with them. I call this the Fairy Dust Writing Activity! I love this activity because it can also be modified to teach other levels from learning to write to practicing spelling words […]

Do you have trouble getting your kids to take their Vitamins? Try MegaFoods Nutrient Powders instead!!

If you have picky eaters like my kids it can be hard to get them to take their vitamins everyday.  I have tried tons and tons of different brands and flavors of vitamins and just could not seem to find any that my kids would willingly take on a daily basis.  It was a constant […]

Caramel Apple Bars

Fall is my favorite time of year!  It is chilly enough that I can actually bake food in my house without it getting too hot and one of my favorite things to bake is apples.  I love the smell of a fresh apple pie baking in the oven!! 🙂 Last week, I was able to […]

Make Fast Easy Money with a Blog: The Real Reality behind Blogging

I usually do not share many stories about money here on Living Almost Naturally but as I sit here I want to inform other new bloggers or even potential bloggers about the reality of what blogging really is like. I started on this blogging journey literally 3 years ago when I fell in love with […]

Fun Free Printable Lunch box Jokes!

One thing that I LOVE to do for my kids is to send them with a little note or a joke in their lunch box everyday!  They look forward to seeing what I send them everyday and so do all their friends.  I just think it gives them a little pick me up during the […]

DIY Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent

I have a daughter that has very sensitive skin and would break out with a ton of different laundry soaps.  It is so bad that whenever we travel and have to stay at a hotel I have to completely strip the bedding and use our own towels because she will break out in hives if […]

Simple Non-Toxic Fabric Softener

I love the Summer and Fall when I can stop using my dryer and hang clothing out on my clothesline!  My wallet loves this time too because my electric bill is able to come down a little!   I love the smell of fresh laundry off the clothesline but the one MAJOR complaint I have […]

DIY Rustic Entertainment Center

I cannot believe that Summer is almost over!  Especially since it is still 90+ degrees out here! 🙂 This summer my husband and I have been busy learning a new skill! We have decided to do a rustic/farmhouse look for our old farmhouse and we realized that none of our furniture really matched that decor. […]

Reclaimed Window Picture Frame

We have been working hard remodeling our old farmhouse! Our latest project was our remodeling our Living Room.  I have decided to take the farmhouse feel and use it to decorate our entire house.  I can’t wait to share with you guys all the new furniture we have made to go with our new living […]

Back to School Shopping Made Easy with Goodie Two Sleeves!

  *This post may contain affiliate links.  Please see Disclosure statement for more information* It’s that time of year again when you have to go dreaded school shopping!! I have two kids and it seems to cost me a small fortune and trips to a billion stores to find just the right clothes to get […]