Our Elf is Back this Year!

One of the things that my family LOVES each year is the return of our Elf on the Shelf named Elf Bud.  This has been a Christmas Tradition for us for four years now and every year my kids get super excited to see what crazy and funny things our elf friend will do. Honestly as a parent I LOVE to be able to come up with these funny ideas and see my kids faces when they get up each morning between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  A couple of years ago I posted an update everyday of what our elf was doing and I decided to bring that back and do it again this year with all new ideas!  So if you are in need of some ideas to do with your Elf be sure to check back everyday to see what’s happening here at our house!!

Our Elf always shows up for the first time on Thanksgiving Morning and he stays until Christmas Eve when he goes back to the North Pole with Santa!  This year our Elf has decided to come back dressed as a Turkey to tell the kids Happy Thanksgiving!

Elf on the Shelf

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