Naturally Clean your Bathtub with Lemons

If you are looking for a super cheap all natural way to clean those hard water stains and other “junk” from your bathtub look no further!! I found a great solution for that!!

I have read a lot about how lemons are great to use when making your own cleaning supplies but a lot of the recipes make you take parts of the lemon and put them in jars for weeks!  Who has time for that?? I know that I don’t!!

My bathtub was starting to look quite a mess so the other day when I was at the local grocery store I picked up 3 lemons for just .99 and decided to try and experiment with it to help clean the tub!

Naturally Clean your Bathtub with Lemons


To clean the tub it is really really easy!  Simply just cut the lemon in half using a knife.  Take you half a lemon and rub on the bathtub.  Squeeze the lemon as you scrub to make sure you get lemon juice on the spot.  You will notice the hard water stains coming up instantly!!  I cleaned my whole bathtub and only used 1 lemon!!  After you scrub the tub, let it sit for about another 5 minutes and then rinse it out with water!

Not only will your tub be clean but your bathroom will also smell wonderful!! 🙂

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