Natural Way to Clean your Keurig with NO Harsh Chemicals!

I splurged and bought myself a Keurig about 9 months ago and I absolutely love it!  It is so convenient not to have to make a pot of coffee each time I want a cup!

The manufacturer says to make sure that you use only distilled water to make the coffee to avoid buildup but this is where I ran into trouble!  I used only bottled water and I still get buildup and water stains on the keurig.

I hate to use cleaners that contain those awful chemicals and to clean my keurig was going to be no different.  Especially since those chemicals would be touching something I have to put in my mouth! So I came up with a very simple way to clean the Keurig and it took very little effort for great results!

Natural Way to Clean your Keurig with NO harsh chemicals

How to clean your Keurig Naturally:

  1. Take your water basin (on the side where you fill with water) completely off the keurig.  My model just lifts off of some hooks to pull apart.
  2. Drain any water that you may have in it still.  I noticed when I pulled mine off that inside the little compartments and on the bottom of the water basin there were some pieces of old coffee (YUCK!!)
  3. Rinse this compartment out with water a couple times if you experience the same thing as mine with the old coffee.
  4. Take white vinegar and pour into water dispenser until it is about half full.  I put the lid back on the water basin and shook the vinegar around a couple times to make sure it got vinegar on all the water stains.
  5. Put the Water basin back together with the Keurig and run a cup (largest size your keurig will do) with just vinegar.  DO NOT PUT COFFEE IN THE CONTAINER!  Just run the vinegar thru it.
  6. Now this is very important: Continue to run cups of vinegar through the keurig until it says add water on the display.  I then filled the entire water basin up with water and continued to run cups until I no longer could smell any vinegar in the cup.  *This took about 10 cups before it was completely gone*
  7. Thats it!  If you look at your Keurig you should notice that it is a TON cleaner than before and your coffee will end up tasting better than ever!! 🙂

natural way to clean your keurig


  1. I have always used vinegar to clean my coffee pots. I’m getting a Keurig for Christmas, so that is good to know that I can use it here too. Found you from the Thumping Thursday bloghop. Check out my blog at

  2. I’ve been needing to clean our Keurig so this came at the perfect time! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Thank you for this post, I need to clean my Keurig out so bad I just forget to do it. Your way of doing it looks super easy and not so harsh. I have water lines in my water tank and Im sure the rest of it just needs a good cleaning.

  4. I LOVE using Vinegar to clean my Nespresso maker. It is so cost effective. I recently used it in my steam mop too and the wood floors came out looking so much better than when I use only water. Thanks for posting!

    • I have wood floors throughout most my home and never thought to use Vinegar in my steam mop! I am definitely going to try it! Thanks!

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  6. Great info!! I do this about once a month and it keeps everything clean and fresh! #HomeMattersParty

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