My Coffee Hair Dye Experiment

I have always been one of those people who dyes their hair a lot.  I have naturally dark brown hair and since I was about 14 I have been dying it to be lighter.  For some reason I always wanted blonde hair and for several years in high school I actually was.  As I have gotten older I’ve realized the horrible damage that dying my hair has caused and now that I know all of the chemicals (a lot Cancer Causing) that is in regular hair dye I decided to stop.

From dying my hair every 6-8 weeks (like recommended) I noticed that my hair would keep turning an orangish/red color about a week or two after coloring.  I stopped two years ago highlighting my hair with the blonde colors and then spent the following year getting it colored a brown to match my normal color because at that point I just wanted to go back to my natural color.  I became EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED because nothing worked!! Last August I said enough is enough and decided I was not going to color my hair ever again with commercial hair coloring and that I would just have to let it grow out.  So I went and got about 6 inches cut off immediately and have been waiting patiently for it to all grow back.

The past couple weeks it has been bothering me a lot more and I have really been looking into ways to help get this color damaged hair back to a normal color.  I searched the internet long and wide and found several posts where people say they have dyed their hair with coffee.  I thought I should try this because if it works I could get it back to normal color and not have to cut anymore off my hair.  That is when I decided to try to a coffee hair dye experiment!Coffee Hair Dye Experiment

So the recipe that I tried was 4 Tbsp of ground coffee mixed with 1/2 cup of hair conditioner.  It created a paste that was pretty thick.  I applied this on all the hair that had the color damage and NOT on the new growth hair that was already my desired color.  It took a little while to get this on evenly and then I had to sit with it on my hair for 1 hour.  *Note: Make sure you wear a towel around your shoulders or old clothing because the coffee does fall out of hair sometimes and lands on your clothing.  After an hour I took a shower and rinsed all the coffee mix out of my hair.  In the shower I noticed a lot of brown water as I was rinsing so I was very hopeful that this took to my hair and did what I wanted.

My Results…

I was very happy with it after drying my hair.  It was noticeably darker than before (which was a huge bonus)  but still wasn’t as dark as my original hair color.  I really didn’t worry about it that much because on all the posts I read they said that more than likely it would take two days of treatment to get it as dark as I wanted.  I waited to see if the color would last before I dyed it again but by the next day when I showered again the color was completely gone! 🙁

So… I’m back at square one looking for a natural alternative to get my hair back to its natural color!


Do you have any ideas that work for natural hair color?

My Coffee Hair Dye Experiment

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