Money Saving Laundry Tips

As a one income household I am always looking for ways to save money around the house.  I am also looking for ways to “Green” up the way we live and I absolutely try to stay away from any extra chemicals and additives.  One way that I do this is with my laundry.  Here are my top tips to help your family save money and live healthier!

Top Money Saving Laundry Tips

    1. Make your own Laundry Soap and Fabric Softener. I make my own of both of these and it costs me only a couple of cents per load of laundry.  If I was to buy the laundry soap and fabric softener it would cost me a ton more each year! If you want to see my recipes check them out here –> DIY Laundry Soap and DIY Fabric Softener
    2.  Always use cold water when washing clothing.If you use cold water to wash your clothing it will save you a ton every year on the electric bill because you will not need to use the water heater.  Even if you cut back and only use hot water for things like your white clothing you will save money.
    3. Only wash laundry when you have enough for a full load.  Make sure that you have a complete load of laundry before you wash to save on both the electric and the water bill.  It will not hurt to wait another day to wash those towels (as long as you have any clean) in order to save money.
    4. Make sure you keep your dryer vent clean.I’ve noticed that if my dryer vent ever gets full it doesn’t matter how many times I put the clothing back in for they do not dry completely.  Clean your lint trap out after each use and it will make sure that your dryer is running at its best and will in return save you money.
    5. Dry clothing out on Clothes line.When the weather is nice I would recommend hanging your clothing out to dry.  It will not only save you money but it will also give your dryer a break to help extend its life.  This way you are not worrying about finding money to replace a new dryer too. If you do not have access to a clothes line you can make your own indoors by buying a indoor clothes line or buy making one in your home out of string. I hang my clothing out to dry as much as possible even indoors in the winter by using this Drying Rack I purchased from Amazon.  I love this thing!


  1. Thanks for sharing your terrific helpful money saving laundry tips. Stopping by from Let’s Get Real.

  2. Great tips! I haven’t thought about the hot vs cold water for laundry- great idea.

  3. Great tips to save money on laundry. I do most of them, but I just can’t wash my underwear or towels in cold.

  4. great tips, I need to get back in the habit of hanging my laundry on the line – especially the linens (they smell so wonderful!) #HomeMattersParty

  5. Most of those are things I do too! Though I have to admit I will probably never be motivated enough to make my own laundry soap 😉
    Here’s to another fun weekend with the #HomeMattersParty

  6. I’ve wanted to try making my own soap for so long. Maybe this coming year…

  7. These are really great tips ,Wendy !! Thanks for sharing .

  8. Great tips Wendy. I feel like laundry is my other full-time job. I can use all of the help I can get.


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