How to Make Money by Getting Rid of Extra Stuff

My family lives on just one full time income which can make it challenging at times.  I’ve had to come up with a way to make some money unconventionally so that I am able to still stay at home with my children. Over the years I’ve found several different ways to supplement income.  My favorite way is selling old items that we have sitting around we no longer use.  I end up making as much money each year doing this as if I had worked a part-time job all year.  The best part is that I never have to worry about missing out on my children’s activities!

make money getting rid of extra stuff


I’ve put together a list of my favorite ways to make money…


  1. Sell Items on Ebay.  This is the number one way I list things and sell for extra income.  I have found that I can buy brand name clothing from Goodwill, wear them for awhile and then when we no longer use them sell them for more than I paid for them in the first place.  I have found that people are willing to pay a lot of money for name brand items on Ebay sometimes even over what they are worth.  I am a huge THRIFT shopper so I love to find really good deals on items and then I am able to turn around and sell these here for a profit.  Selling on Ebay is also super simple once you get the hang of it.  You just need to create an account and then you are ready to list your first item.  **My recommendation is to NOT open a store on Ebay unless you have super massive amounts of items to sell at one time. I’m talking like 300-500 items at a time.  With your personal account you are able to list 50 items a month with no listing fees and if you have over that I list when they run a special (about once a month) where you can list more items for a certain amount of days for free too** The only downside to selling on Ebay is that there is a final value fee that you will owe Ebay when the items sells. It is around 10% off the selling price.  I also list all my items as Buy it now listings because I have found that the items sell a lot better this way and I am also guaranteed the amount of money that I list it for.
  2. Sell your Items on Facebook. This is extremely popular where I live.  I have sold a few things on Facebook that were too big to ship from Ebay.  I choose not to use this option a lot personally just because I’m afraid of the person on the other end of the deal not being a legit buyer.  You know you hear of those horror stories of people who say they want to buy something from you but really they are there to rob you or something.  Selling your items here is a great option if you live in a smaller town and physically know most of the people you are selling to because people are able to sell their items quickly and for fair prices also.  I would just highly recommend that you meet the buyer in a public place if possible (not your home) and to bring someone along with you when you go to meet up with the person.
  3. Sell your Items on Craigslist. I have sold an old above ground pool we didn’t need any longer on Craigslist and didn’t have any problems. I’ve had family that have sold everything from cars to furniture on it and love it. Again, I would follow the same rules as selling on Facebook to guarantee your safety.
  4. Sell Textbooks. When my husband and I were still in college we had good luck with selling our old textbooks back to Amazon for a decent price.  It was super simple to do.  All you had to do was go to their website, click on textbooks, and then type in the isbn number of the book your are wanting to sell and they will tell you how much they will give you for it.  If you choose to sell it back to them they will give you a shipping label to ship the book and once they receive it they write you a check for that amount!
  5. Yard Sale. Once a year I go through and sell anything that I had trouble selling on Ebay or that I felt wasn’t in good enough shape to sell online.  I usually end up making between 300-500 for one weekend of sale and it helps to clear out the house!

There are a ton of ways to make money off your stuff!  Just because you don’t need it or want it anymore doesn’t mean that someone else doesn’t!!


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