Make a Difference in a Child’s life this Christmas with a Christmas Dare!

Usually I don’t post a lot of articles about my personal opinions but I decided I had to share my thoughts on this topic because it is very near and dear to my heart!  This Christmas I want to dare all my readers to take part in this and help to make a difference in others lives!

To start, I’m going to give you guys a little bit of statistical information. In 2012, 15.9 Million kids here in the United States lived in Insecure Food Households. (Source: Feeding America).  That means there are 15.9 million kids who may or may not have a dinner tonight when they get home from school!  As a parent, this just breaks my heart to think of this.  I will tell you all a story about myself and how I have personally seen children affected by this.  I live in a small town and in the past I was one of those people who heard statistics like this and thought to myself how sad but then thought that it wasn’t anything that affected my life directly so I really didn’t think twice about it. I also thought that there really wasn’t anything that I (just one person) could do about it.  I hate to admit this now but that was before my eyes were opened.  After I finished college I went to work in the local school system and quickly realized that there was a large amount of children right here in my small town that had to go without meals!  I couldn’t believe these parents that would send their child to school without breakfast and then I met a little girl one day that asked me for part of my lunch one day. I started to talk to her about why she wanted my lunch and she went on to tell me that her family didn’t have any food at home.  Lets just say that I gave her my lunch that day.  Next time you sit down to eat a meal with your family think about that little girl or boy in your city that doesn’t have any food to eat that night!

Or how about all the kids that will not have any presents on Christmas Morning this year!  I remember being a child and looking forward to Christmas morning all year and I know that look on my own kids faces Christmas morning when they get to open presents!

The important thing is that everyone can help change this!  Even if you do not have any extra money you can help to make a difference in a child’s life this Christmas!  My family is trying to make a difference this year in several ways.  The best part is that I am able to get my kids involved in helping others so that they can have an understanding of how to help others.  This year my family is sponsoring two foster children for Christmas through our church.  My kids were able to go to the store and buy some gifts for us to be able to donate to two different foster children in our county that otherwise will probably not have a present this Christmas.  We are also sponsoring a child in Haiti buy purchasing food and other necessities that they will need.  Our small town also does a giving tree where needy children from our town each pick out one thing they want for Christmas and then you can pick an item and purchase it for them.  We have participated in this for several years and this week we will get to pick a new present to purchase off the giving tree for this year!

There are tons of local places that you can donate gifts, money, or even time to help make a difference in a child’s life this Christmas.  You can also donate to places like Toys for Tots that have drop off boxes practically everywhere or Angel Tree which gives presents to children who’s parents are in prison.

Please just take a moment and think about a way that you can help even a little.  Just one $5.00 present can make a huge difference in a child’s life.  Maybe you could go without that cup of coffee from Starbuck’s today and donate that money instead to make a difference! 🙂

Make a Difference in a Child's life this Christmas with a Christmas Dare!

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