Lessons I’ve Learned as a New Homeschool Mom

So I will be honest I went into this whole homeschooling thing thinking that it would be a breeze for me because I have years of teaching in a public school experience and have a college background in Elementary Education…ha!

Lessons I've Learned as a New Homeschool Mom


I was very wrong and have learned that things are actually quite different and I’ve decided to share some of my tips on how to survive being a new homeschool mom!

  1. Your day will probably not go as scheduled.  I went into homeschooling thinking that we would run on a
    schedule like we did at the public school I worked in.  After the first day at home I realized that I was wrong and that things are going to come up unexpected that are going to alter your day. For example, the other day my two baby goats got out of their pen at 9 in the morning and we ended up spending the next two hours that I had planned on us working on our math chasing them back into their pen. 🙂  Flexibility is something that you are definitely going to need to adjust to because lets face it… Things are going to happen!
  2. Your kids will test you. Not only was homeschooling a new adventure for me it was for both my kids who had gone to regular public school for years up to the point of us deciding to change our lifestyle.  My kids were
    used to the way things would be at school and they are going to need some time to adjust also.  At the same time my kids were confused for a couple weeks about how they should behave during homeschool because at home kids usually act different for their parents then they do for teachers who are strangers.  Again, it will just take some time and be sure to have an idea of how you want your homeschool to function before you start.
  3. Time is a very valuable thing. I am a very busy person and I have a lot of different things on my plate at this point in my life and when God placed it on my heart to homeschool I really didn’t know how I was going to be able to fit another commitment into my life but I knew that if it was what he felt was best for my family then he would help me find a way.  Boy… at first it was very difficult and took several weeks to catch up and get some sort of schedule down that worked.  I am working every waking hour that I have creating curriculum, writing blog posts, finishing my doctorate, etc but I can honestly say that it is all very worth it to see the improvements that have come about my families and my children’s lives since starting on this journey.
  4. Don’t Give Up. There will be days that you really question why in the world am I doing this and is this really the right thing but you just have to remember back to why you made the decision to homeschool in the first place. Seeing the improvements in all aspects of my children’s lives not just academic has been all I need to keep going through any other days that can be a struggle.  Also know your not alone. Join up with other homeschool moms in your area or even online so that you can share your stories and maybe even gather some
    tips to help make something your struggling with a little easier!


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