How to Save Money when trying to eat Healthier!

One of the hardest things I have found when trying to eat healthier is the amount of money that it costs to buy the food.  I live in town (right now) so I can not have my own cows, pigs, etc. to provide me with the meat that is organic so I am left to pay a lot of money for the grassfed meat.  I’ve come up with some tips that can help your family save money while trying to eat healthier!

1. Grow your own Garden.  Even someone that lives in a city can plant some of their own vegetables.  If you are short on land you can plant fruits and vegetables in container gardens or vertical gardens that don’t take up any space.  To buy organic vegetables at the store can cost you a ton of money.  I took a trip to whole foods a couple weeks ago and to buy organic vegetables it cost my family about $100 to buy enough to last about 1-2 weeks.  I’ve found that the organic fruits and vegetables that I buy seem to overripe faster than regular so that is something to keep in mind too.

2. Buy on sale and stock up.  When a fruit or vegetable is in season and is offered on sale it is a good idea to freeze them to be able to use latter.  I always stock up on strawberries in June when I can buy them at a local farmers market and I freeze them so that I can use them for baking, jams, etc. later on in the year until the next June when I can get them fresh again.  If you are wondering what fruits or vegetables are in season in your area try out the Guide on Field to Plate that has links to every state and their in season produce!

3. Use Coupons.  I know this is a hard one because you cannot find coupons as easily for all natural products but it is getting easier all the time!!  I have several brands that I like to follow to find out about any coupons they may have available for their foods. Be sure to check out other posts that I have that will notify you of any coupons I find for Organic foods!

How to Save Money when trying to eat Healthier!

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