How to Grow Garlic in a Container

Today, I spent my morning planting my garlic in containers for this upcoming summer!  I love gardening and am really excited about having a huge garden this year.  It’s really quite funny because in the past I have never been interested in gardening and thought it was so much easier to just go to the grocery store and buy some vegetables in a can.  Then I realized what was actually in those vegetables and what HORRIBLE things it does to your body that this year I plan on growing all the vegetables my family will eat through the winter myself.

Now the problem I have is my current home has about 3/4 of an acre of land.  This doesn’t leave me with a whole lot of space to plant everything I want so I am having to be creative with my planting.  I plan to have a normal garden in the ground, have several raised garden beds, use a lot of containers and have them strategically around places like my deck and porch, and also incorporate vertical gardening! Phew, that was long just to type let alone sounds like I’m gonna have my work cut out for me 🙂

When I started to make my lists of different foods and herbs I wanted to grow Garlic was pretty high up on my list.  It has a tremendous amount of nutrients and can do great things for your body.  After thinking about my garden layouts I decided that I would grow my garlic in containers this year because it would be easier to grow them there instead of some of the other vegetables I have planned.  It’s pretty simple to grow garlic in containers really.

How to Grow Garlic in Containers

What you will need:

    • Garlic bulbs- You will need the cloves to plant your Garlic.  You can get this in a variety of ways. I purchased Garlic bulbs from my local farm store.  You can purchase some on Amazon also 3+ ounces Early Italian Purple Garlic Bulbs and these are $4.99 for 3 oz.  *NOTE: A garlic bulb goes quite a ways when planting. ( Read further and I will explain)*
    • Containers for Planting- I used 10″ planting containers and were able to plant 4 cloves per container.
    • Potting Soil- I would recommend using just plain potting soil with no additives or using an organic fertilizer like this Espoma AP16 16-Quart Organic Potting Mix.  I use plain potting soil and then I add my own homemade fertilizer to it from my composting bins.  I WOULD NOT use the soil with the Miracle Gro and other additives because those contain harsh chemicals that will get into your food as it grows.
    • Gardening Gloves- To keep your hands clean
    • Water- To water the plants

How you plant the Garlic:

  1. Fill your containers with your chosen potting soil until it is about 2 inches from the top of the container.
  2. Take your Garlic bulbs and break them up into the individual cloves.  Each bulb contains about 14-16 cloves.  Mine had about 14 in it when I broke it apart.  These individual cloves are what you will plant into the soil.
  3. Make holes about 1″ deep in the soil and place 1 clove in the hole and cover back up.  You need at least a 4″ space between each garlic clove when you plant them.
  4. After all the garlic is planted, label your container so that you will remember what is in it a couple weeks from now
  5. Water until the soil is moist.


  1. Wow, what an amazingly easy way to grow garlic! I could even do this in my urban environment/city apartment! Thank you so much for sharing this easy green gardening technique on the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Blog Hop! I appreciate it!

  2. I’m growing garlic in my raised beds for the first time this year! Thanks for sharing with the Let’s Get Real party this week.

  3. We grow garlic in with the rest of our landscaping and then at the end of the year we say we are going to go out and harvest it before the stalks fall over and we forget… then we can’t find any. I said that I was going to grow some in a container so that I could just sift through the container at the end of the year and them all back out. I am a garlic failure so I usually just call my mom because she grows so much of it and is better about getting it out of the ground. Maybe I should plant my pot now before I forget 🙂

  4. This is totally on my to-do list this year! Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick


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