How to easily remove Sticker Residue from Clothing

My kids are famous for getting stickers when we go places like the Library and sticking them to their clothing. The problem is that they forget to take them off the clothing at night when they change and it ends up going thru the washing machine and leaving behind a nasty looking sticker residue on the clothing. After it has gone thru the washer and dryer it is horrible to try and remove by hand and most of the time you cannot remove it. After a couple years of dealing with this I finally found a way to easily remove the gunk! My daughter just got this new shirt for her birthday and guess what the first time she wore it she got a big sticker and stuck it right to the front. Luckily, I was able to get it all off and now its back to being wearable!!

How to easily remove Sticker Residue from Clothing

To remove the Sticker Residue:

1. With your fingers remove any large pieces of the sticker that are remaining that will easily come off.

2. Take a squirt bottle of water and spray the area.  Rub a small amount of dawn dish soap onto the sticker residue.

3. After rubbing it in let the shirt sit for about 30 minutes (or longer).

4.  Spray a little more water on the sticker residue that then take your nail and scrap across the remaining residue.  It should come right off onto your finger.

5. Wash the clothing as usual and when it comes out it will be back to normal!


  1. Goo-Be-Gone also works well but it is a bit more expensive than Dawn.

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