Fun Free Printable Lunch box Jokes!

One thing that I LOVE to do for my kids is to send them with a little note or a joke in their lunch box everyday!  They look forward to seeing what I send them everyday and so do all their friends.  I just think it gives them a little pick me up during the middle of their day and it lets them know that I am thinking of them while they are away!

I’ve been printing some lunch box notes that I have found online but am having trouble finding any more that I like so I said why not create some of my own? So here I am sitting here cracking myself up with some pretty silly jokes that I cannot wait to send to lunch with my kids!  I hope that you all like these as much as I do and I will be sure to post more of these as I create them!

To print off your own free copy of these simply click the link below and then you can either save them on your computer or print them right away!

Free Printable Lunch Box Jokes

I created these to be folded in half so that the kids cannot see the answers right away.  There are two different jokes with answers on each line and you can simply fold these at the white line in the middle after cutting the two squares out!


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