Enjoy a Refreshing Drink with Santa Cruz Organic Juices!

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It has been a very hot Summer for Michigan this year!  I think the temperature is supposed to reach 100 degrees this week!!  On hot days like this it is very important to stay hydrated so that you do not develop any heat related complications.  My kids are starting to play all their sports in the Summer time also and it makes me even more concuious of how much they are drinking!

My son is not a water drinker at all!  I have to literally force him to drink water throughout the day or he would go all day without drinking anything!  He will drink other things like juice though so I was very happy when I got to try out the Santa Cruz Organic Juice line!

Enjoy a refreshing drink with santa cruz organics

As a very health concoiuos mother I was very happy that theses juices were USDA Organic and also GMO FREE!  I could let my kids have a glass of juice and not have to worry about what artificial sweetners and other chemicals were in them!

My whole family LOVED the flavor of these juices! Our favorite flavors we have tried so far have been Pomegranate and Mango Passion Fruit! To see what other flavors they offer be sure to check out their website –> Santa Cruz Organics


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