Eco cleaning solutions for people with Sensitive Skin

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! Today we have a very informative article from a guest writer! Kathleen Crane is here to share Eco Cleaning Solutions for people with Sensitive Skin!


Providing of the basic cleaning task is a must, especially when you want to maintain a high level of hygiene at home. Of course, you are probably well acquainted with the fact that most commercial cleaning products may have negative effect on the skin. People with sensitive skin are often predisposed to skin irritations, caused by the strong detergents that they apply for the cleaning.




Nowadays there is a great diversity of commercial cleaners that will excellently serve you when you want to manage with the common cleaning tasks. However, if you are sensitive towards the chemicals, used in the detergents,you had better think of other solutions that are safer and that will save you up a lot of preoccupations.

Thanks to this article provided by LondonHomeCleaning East London you will be acquainted with to some valuable tips  that will help you deal with the cleaning in a safe way. Do not hesitate to try these suggestions, especially when you want to protect your skin in the best possible way.

Invest In Excellent Cleaning Equipment

 The first step towards the protection consists in ensuring the right cleaning equipment. People with sensitive skin need to use special gloves and clothes that will completely the parts of the skin that are usually exposed to the detergents. Do not underestimate this important detail, because such detergents may cause an allergic reaction to the skin. Invest money in supplying yourself with all the equipment and you won’t experience problems with your skin.

Trust Homemade Cleaning Products

 One of the best solutions when you have sensitive skin is to forget about the commercial cleaning products and to trust the homemade cleaning options. If you have white vinegar, baking soda and some lemon juice at your disposal you can easily provide excellent cleaning of the rooms without damaging your skin in any way. Make a new cleaning kit that contains only natural ingredients and do not be afraid to try it for the complete cleaning of your kitchen, bathroom and floors.  Most of the natural cleaning recipes are easily prepared, so you do not need special skills to apply them on to the surfaces. When you use eco friendly cleaning products, you will know that your skin won’t be irritated and thus, you will be able to provide the cleaning without any preoccupation.

Leave The Cleaning In The Hands Of Professionals

 In case you do not want to bother with cleaning issues, you can always book a professional cleaning service. Leave all the tasks into the hands of the cleaners and spend some quality time with your friends or relatives. This way you will avoid the risk of irritating your skin with all that strong detergents. Of course, you can always use protective gloves but the safest possible way remains to leave the cleaning to someone else. Do not feel confused – health is far more important than dealing with the stains and dirt.

Keep in mind this tips when you want to provide safe and effective cleaning of the rooms. Nowadays many people possess sensitive skin and are predisposed to allergies, caused by the strong cleaning products. Read carefully the label of the detergent before you apply it on to the surface and supply yourself with the right equipment before you start with the cleaning. Roll up sleeves and dedicate some of your  time to the common cleaning tasks. This way your home will become more welcoming place and you can invite your friends or relatives for a cup of coffee. Cleaning can be a fun experience, as long as you are acquainted with the right tips.



  1. Harsh cleaning products really can cause health problems. I use Branch Basics for many of my cleaning needs if I don’t use home made ones.

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