Easter Egg Roulette Game

Easter Egg Roulette

My kids have decided to start their own Youtube Channel at Real Kids TV!  They share everything for kids from how to videos to games and product reviews!  You should really check them out sometime!

They got bored yesterday and came up with a game to play with all their leftover easter eggs.  The game is called Easter Egg Roulette and how you play is very simple;  Take turns trying to break the easter eggs.  They started on their foreheads but realized that it was hard so they eventually switched over to smashing the eggs in their hands.  The catch to the game is that we colored two eggs that were not hard boiled ahead of time so that when they would break them it would be a mess!

Watch their video here to see how it turned out!


  1. Andreea Sandu says:

    Crazy! :)) What did you do with all those eggs afterwards?

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