DIY Strawberry Fruit Roll Ups

Last week while shopping at Sam’s Club they had huge things of strawberries for just $4.98!  I was craving strawberries at the time and couldn’t resist buying it!  Problem is I couldn’t get them eaten fast enough before they started to go soft.  So today I had a half container full of strawberries (about a pound) that needed to be used up!  I really hate to throw out food because I am completely a bargain hunting thrift person! (If that is even a thing lol! 🙂 )So… I decided to make DIY Strawberry Fruit Roll ups!

DIY Strawberry Fruit Roll Ups


We have a two hour car ride of a trip coming up tomorrow and I thought these would be perfect to take along as snacks!  If you have ever read the package on Fruit Roll Ups you can purchase in the store you will be horrified to read of all the horrible non-natural ingredients that go in them!  I could definitely not feed my children those!

The best part about these is how simple it is to make! You simply just blend, heat, and then place in the oven and come back after several hours!

Strawberry Fruit Roll Ups

Serves 8
Meal type Snack
Misc Child Friendly, Serve Cold


  • 1lb Strawberries
  • 6 tablespoons Organic Cane Sugar
  • 2 tablespoons Fresh Lemon Juice (We used 2 Lemons to be get the 2 Tbsp.)


Step 1
Wash and cut the stems off all your strawberries
Step 2
In a food processor or blender of your choice (I used a Nutribullet) blend your strawberries until they make a puree.
Step 3
Add in the sugar and Lemon Juice (by squeezing juice from lemons) into the strawberries
Step 4
Put in Medium Size Saucepan and cook on medium heat until it comes to a boil
Step 5
Line a baking sheet with Wax paper and pour the strawberry mix onto the paper- spreading it out evenly.
Step 6
Bake at 200 degrees for about 3 hours or until it looks baked through.
Step 7
Take a pizza cutter or baking scissors and cut into strips of your desired size. Roll up and place in air tight container or bag in refrigerator until you are ready to eat!

DIY Strawberry Fruit Roll Ups



  1. Wow I’ve never try these. Looks great. Going to try them soon. Thanks for sharing.:)

  2. I’ll have to make some of these for our upcoming road trip! Thanks so much for sharing with us at the homestead blog hop!

  3. My teenagers still enjoy fruit roll-ups and these look easy and yummy! Thanks for sharing at the Healthy Living Link Party!
    Blessings, Leigh

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