DIY Conditioning Hair Treatment

I am always looking for more natural ways to take care of my hair and body without having to use any harsh chemicals.  These can wreck havoc on your body and cause a TON of problems!  My hair has been really dry lately so I wanted to create a way to bring some moisture and shine back into it!

So my daughter *H* and I decided to have a spa night and create our own conditioning hair treatment with things we had around the house!  We were super happy with the results of this treatment and it was super simple to make!

DIY Conditioning Hair Treatment


DIY Conditioning Hair Treatment


  • 1 Banana
  • 1/2 cup Yogurt (*Plain- NON-Greek)
  • 1/2 cup Honey


Step 1
Mix all three ingredients into a Medium Size Bowl. *You will want to slice up the banana and then smash it for easier mixing*
Step 2
Once it is smooth you will take and spread evenly on dry hair until all the hair is saturated. I found this to be enough for one person so if you are doing two people you will want to double this batch.
Step 3
Let it sit for about 1 hour
Step 4
Take a shower and wash all of this out. *Just FYI... The banana will take awhile to get completely out of your hair especially if it is not smashed up well. You may need to take a comb in the shower to help remove it*




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