DIY All Natural Fabric Softener

For the past year and a half I have worked very hard in eliminating the harmful chemicals that I once was using. My family was just having a lot of side effects that I never would have imagined came from these products. As soon as my daughter was born she started breaking out in hives at random times and it took me awhile to figure out the causes because it would always be with different things. Back eight years ago when she was born I didn’t know anything about these products and chemicals and I had no idea that they could be harmful. I grew up in a house that used things like bleach, commercial spray cleaners, and laundry soaps on a daily basis. It wasn’t until we had the problem with my daughter that I really started reading and researching what could be causing this.

I was told by the pediatrician that we were then seeing at a regular basis to try and switch laundry soaps because it could be that. Well… we switched to the free and clear ones thinking that would help and nope still getting hives. It all came to a head when she was four and she woke up one morning out of the blue and was covered in hives from head to toe. I took her to the ER where they just gave her a ton of benedryl and sent her on her way. 🙁 I then placed it on myself to eliminate things one at a time and find all natural alternatives starting with the laundry soap. I started making my homemade laundry soap and my own all natural cleaning products two years ago and can you believe that my daughter has not had hives ONE time since changing.

If you are interested in seeing my recipes for the All Natural Laundry Soap you can find it here: DIY Laundry Soap

Today I am sharing with you my recipe that I use to make my own Fabric Softener. Once I found out that fabric softener is a huge cancer causing product I refuse to use the store bought versions!  I love this product because it leaves our clothes feeling soft and eliminates static cling.

I use Peppermint Essential oil to make my fabric softener because I find that it helps to eliminate any odors that may be on the clothing.  I just washed a youth football teams jerseys using this fabric softener and it got out all the horrible smells and trust me those things did not smell too pleasant when I started! 🙂  You can swap out the Peppermint Essential Oil for a different scent like Lemon, Spearmint, or even Lavender if you would like!

DIY All Natural Fabric Softener

DIY All Natural Liquid Fabric Softener Recipe:


Plain White Distilled Vinegar

Essential Oil of your Choice

Bowl with lid to store it in


1. In your bowl pour 4 cups of Vinegar 

2. Add in 10-12 drops of essential oil 

3. You can either stir the two together or just leave because they will mix up as you use the fabric softener 


  1. I love to use vinegar as a fabric softener, although I’ve never added EOs for fragrance. I guess I could give it a try sometime, thanks for the idea 🙂 .


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