Creating my New Strawberry Bed for Next Year!

Now that Fall is quickly coming here in Michigan I decided I better get some of these last minute projects done that I have been meaning to do all summer and just have not had the time.  One of these is to create a new strawberry bed for my strawberries.  I was given a couple strawberry plants at the end of last summer by a family member and I took those and transplanted them in the backyard of our home at that time.  This past winter we moved to a new home and I definitely wasn’t going to leave the plants there so in December in between snow I dug up as many plants as I could and planted them in large planters and placed them on the back porch of my new home.

As soon as Spring came I needed to get a spot for these strawberries because about half of my plants had died! 🙁  I chose a small little spot in front of my garage and planted them there.  They seemed to grow okay there but unfortunately my chickens decided that it was there own personal buffet and ate every last strawberry that grew.  One thing I didn’t realize about strawberries were how much they expand and grow new plants and by this point in the year my six little strawberry plants had turned into 18 plants and there was just no room for them to survive in what they were in.

I had to start thinking about a larger area that would be far enough away from my chickens and in the sun that these guys could grow for next year.  I had an old flower bed that was overgrown and full of weeds ( another project I never had time to get to yet…)  and I decided that would be the absolute perfect spot for my strawberries.  It had large beams around making it all enclosed and safe from things like the lawn mower so I decided that was the spot.  What I didn’t realize was how much work it would be to remove all the weeds and roots and junk from it!  After about 6 hours of work I had all plants removed and all of my strawberries replanted into their new home!

This next Spring I will be sure to post some new pictures of how they are doing in their new home!!  Hopefully it will work out!!

Creating a New Strawberry Bed for Next Year


  1. That looks great! Weeding is such a hard but satisfying task isn’t it? I planted a few raspberry stalks (?) that a neighbor gave me that are doing well right now. I didn’t prepare a large bed for it but I think that raspberries are pretty hardy and grow like weeds from what I’ve heard. Thanks for sharing at the Let’s Get Real Link Up!

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