Charlottes Web Chapter by Chapter Study Guide- FREE Download- Chapters 9 & 10

My kids and I are reading this book as a read aloud and I decided to create a study guide to go with each chapter to help reinforce what we read. I have completed the study guide to cover Chapter’s 7& 8 of Charlotte’s Web!  You can find the FREE Downloads for Chapter’s 1 & 2 HERE and 3 &4 HERE and 5&6 HERE and 7&8 HERE

This is available in both a 1st Grade Level and a 4th Grade Level.  You can choose which to download or download both if you want!!

Get your FREE Download of 1st Grade Level HERE —>Charlottes Web Chapter 9&10- 1st

Get your FREE Download of 4th Grade Level HERE —>Charlottes Web Chapter 9&10- 4th


Charlottes Web Chapter by Chapter Lesson Plans




  1. I’m currently doing a book study with my 7 year old at home on Charlotte’s Web. I love the lesson plans that you posted for chapters 1-10 and was wondering if you had any for chapters 11-22?

  2. Tammy Wendoll says:

    Thank you so much for the Charlotte’s Web chapter study guides! I am having trouble with my 4th grade daughter retaining anything and these have been so helpful. I was only able to download through chapter 10. Do you have ones for the other chapters that I can purchase? Thanks!

  3. Love these chapter lesson plans but was wondering if you have the 11-22? Thanks

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