How to Make Money by Getting Rid of Extra Stuff

My family lives on just one full time income which can make it challenging at times.  I’ve had to come up with a way to make some money unconventionally so that I am able to still stay at home with my children. Over the years I’ve found several different ways to supplement income.  My favorite […]

Keeping Your Dog Safe: Should You Consider an Electronic Fence?

I’m excited to share that today we have a GUEST POST here on Living Almost Naturally!  They will be sharing about Electric Fences and how these should be considered when you have a dog.  We personally have an electric fence at our home for our one dog.  When we moved from a 1/2 acre fenced in […]

Becoming Clutter-Free!

As I start this new year I have been thinking about the things that I really want to change in my life!  This year I really would like to simplify a lot of things in my life.  It seems like my days are so crazy hectic and I never even get a break to think […]

Easiest All Natural Deodorant Ever!

2015 has been a very rough year on me.  I’ve battled my own health issues with my blood sugar and then at the end of the year in October I was rocked with my grandmother being diagnosed with Leukemia and my father being diagnosed with Lymphoma. It has been an eye opening experience that has […]

Eco cleaning solutions for people with Sensitive Skin

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! Today we have a very informative article from a guest writer! Kathleen Crane is here to share Eco Cleaning Solutions for people with Sensitive Skin!   Providing of the basic cleaning task is a must, especially when you want to maintain a high level of hygiene at home. […]

Top Elf on the Shelf Ideas

It’s that time of the year again when our Elf (Elf Bud) is getting ready to make his return for the Christmas Holiday! I’ve put together a collection of past things that our silly elf has done to help give you ideas for this year!  I will be sure to post new ideas that our […]

White Zucchini? What happened to my Zucchini?

This is my 4th year having a garden where I grow zucchini and this year I have faced a challenge.  Usually my garden will produce more green zucchini than I can handle and I end up having to spend a whole day chopping and freezing zucchini for the next year.  This year my plants are […]

The “NO Poo” Shampoo Method: Does it really work??

About two months ago I decided to jump on the new “NO Poo” shampoo method trend and try it out for myself.  I first heard about it probably close to a year ago but I was scared to try it out.  I kept researching it more and more though and probably read close to fifty […]

Looking to raise Chickens? A walk-through Guide of what you will need to know!

This year my Husband and I made the decision that we want to add more chickens to our current flock. We started with 6 chickens last spring and we ended up losing 2 of them to extreme cold weather this winter. We decided that we were going to add in 6 more new chickens this […]

How to make a Dandelion Tincture

A couple days ago I wrote about the benefits of using Dandelions in natural healing.  I promised a recipe on how to make your own Dandelion Tincture so here it is!! If you want to see the benefits of using Dandelions you can see it here –>Many Uses of Dandelions in Natural Healing For General […]