Our Elf is Back this Year!

One of the things that my family LOVES each year is the return of our Elf on the Shelf named Elf Bud.  This has been a Christmas Tradition for us for four years now and every year my kids get super excited to see what crazy and funny things our elf friend will do. Honestly […]

How to Survive Packing School Lunches with Food Allergies

As a parent of a child with a food allergy it can be very scary sending them back to school.  You have to hope that they will not be fed anything or become exposed to the allergen. Hopefully I can give you some tips to help you survive packing school lunches with food allergies! My […]

Naturally keep Fruit Flies away from your Fruit

I love having a bowl of Fresh fruit sitting out so that my family can just pick it up and eat it for a snack. I hate the fruit flies that end up coming along with it though, especially around bananas.  I found an all natural way to get rid of these pesky bugs so […]

Make Fast Easy Money with a Blog: The Real Reality behind Blogging

I usually do not share many stories about money here on Living Almost Naturally but as I sit here I want to inform other new bloggers or even potential bloggers about the reality of what blogging really is like. I started on this blogging journey literally 3 years ago when I fell in love with […]

Fun Free Printable Lunch box Jokes!

One thing that I LOVE to do for my kids is to send them with a little note or a joke in their lunch box everyday!  They look forward to seeing what I send them everyday and so do all their friends.  I just think it gives them a little pick me up during the […]

Top Tips for Surviving Road Trips with Kids

My family just got back from a two week road trip across the U.S.! We started in Michigan and traveled all the way to California and back stopping at most of the big National Forests and sites to see.  This has been a trip that we have wanted to do for years and decided about […]

Easter Egg Roulette Game

My kids have decided to start their own Youtube Channel at Real Kids TV!  They share everything for kids from how to videos to games and product reviews!  You should really check them out sometime! They got bored yesterday and came up with a game to play with all their leftover easter eggs.  The game […]

My Coffee Hair Dye Experiment

I have always been one of those people who dyes their hair a lot.  I have naturally dark brown hair and since I was about 14 I have been dying it to be lighter.  For some reason I always wanted blonde hair and for several years in high school I actually was.  As I have […]

DIY Lemon Carpet Deodorizer

I really do not like carpet in my house.  The main reason…  I don’t feel like I can ever get it clean!  I have a dog that lives in the house and sheds like crazy all year long and I am constantly vacuuming trying to keep it from being on the floor.  It really bothers […]

How to Keep Rabbits from Gorging on Your Garden

Growing up, I always cheered for Peter Rabbit as he was chased mercilessly through the garden by the villainous Mr. McGregor. As it stands now, I’m less inclined to be sympathetic to Peter’s plight. If he had simply listened to his mother and stayed out of the garden, he wouldn’t have had the scare of […]