Top 8 Suprising Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

I was given an Aloe Vera Plant several years ago by my grandmother to grow in our home.  She gave it to me one day after my daughter had gotten sun burnt after spending a day at the beach.  Little did I know that this Aloe plant had so many more health benefits then just […]

Guest Post: Combating Illness in Children

Today we have a Guest Post here from regarding illness and children.  I hope you enjoy! ~ Wendy   As any parent of school-age children will know, “back to school” means “back to the doctor.” For all the outdoor activities kids do in the summer, there’s rarely a sniffle to be heard. Why is […]

Why you need Vitamin D and How to Get it!

On my journey to finding better health I started going to a functional medicine doctor to get answers to a lot of health concerns that I was having.  In the process, I had some labwork done that revealed that I had a SEVERE Vitamin D Deficiency.  I never thought about Vitamin D or really knew […]

Top 10 Herbs to Grow at Home

When I planned out my garden this year one of the things I wanted to make sure that I had was herbs to grow.  In my journey to becoming an ND I have learned a lot from courses about herbs and the many health benefits of using herbs in not only your food but as […]

Easiest All Natural Deodorant Ever!

2015 has been a very rough year on me.  I’ve battled my own health issues with my blood sugar and then at the end of the year in October I was rocked with my grandmother being diagnosed with Leukemia and my father being diagnosed with Lymphoma. It has been an eye opening experience that has […]

Eco cleaning solutions for people with Sensitive Skin

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! Today we have a very informative article from a guest writer! Kathleen Crane is here to share Eco Cleaning Solutions for people with Sensitive Skin!   Providing of the basic cleaning task is a must, especially when you want to maintain a high level of hygiene at home. […]

How to make a Dandelion Tincture

A couple days ago I wrote about the benefits of using Dandelions in natural healing.  I promised a recipe on how to make your own Dandelion Tincture so here it is!! If you want to see the benefits of using Dandelions you can see it here –>Many Uses of Dandelions in Natural Healing For General […]

The many uses of Dandelions in Natural Healing

Dandelions are everywhere in the Summertime!  I know my yard gets filled with them and until recently I thought they were a nuisance and would make sure I mowed each one of them.  Then I discovered that Dandelions are actually a WONDERFUL HEALING herb and can actually be used in many many different ways.  The best […]