Homemade Natural Car Upholstery Cleaner

My family is going away this weekend for one last Summer trip before the rush of school and our football season starts.  So of course my job is to get everything clean and packed which can be very exhausting!! I decided to start with cleaning out the car because it was a mess to say […]

How to Naturally Clean your Window Blinds

I hate to admit this but I’m one of those people who can barely keep up with the everyday cleaning in my home let alone the extras like cleaning the blinds on a regular basis.  I walked by one in my living room yesterday though and was shocked on how much dust and “junk” was […]

The many uses of Baking Soda for Cleaning in the Home

One of my newly favorite cleaning supplies is Baking Soda!  I used to use all the store bought cleaning supplies that made you need to hold your breath while you were cleaning because you could just tell it was doing damage to your body by breathing it in.  One day I was cleaning my tub […]