DIY Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent

I have a daughter that has very sensitive skin and would break out with a ton of different laundry soaps.  It is so bad that whenever we travel and have to stay at a hotel I have to completely strip the bedding and use our own towels because she will break out in hives if […]

Simple Non-Toxic Fabric Softener

I love the Summer and Fall when I can stop using my dryer and hang clothing out on my clothesline!  My wallet loves this time too because my electric bill is able to come down a little!   I love the smell of fresh laundry off the clothesline but the one MAJOR complaint I have […]

Money Saving Laundry Tips

As a one income household I am always looking for ways to save money around the house.  I am also looking for ways to “Green” up the way we live and I absolutely try to stay away from any extra chemicals and additives.  One way that I do this is with my laundry.  Here are […]

DIY All Natural Fabric Softener

For the past year and a half I have worked very hard in eliminating the harmful chemicals that I once was using. My family was just having a lot of side effects that I never would have imagined came from these products. As soon as my daughter was born she started breaking out in hives […]

Got Rust Stains on your Clothing? Try Lemon Juice as an All Natural Cleaner!

It’s been a crazy couple of days here at our house preparing for Spring with planting seeds and trying to get our garden ready now that there is no snow on the ground!  So its been a couple days since I’ve been able to post, but I really wanted to share this all natural way […]

How to make your own Washing Soda using Baking Soda

I make my own laundry detergent and have been doing this for several years now.  My daughter has very sensitive skin so before I started making our own laundry soap I had to be super careful what laundry detergent we bought.  It had to be free and clear and even then she would break out […]

Naturally Clean your Bathtub with Lemons

If you are looking for a super cheap all natural way to clean those hard water stains and other “junk” from your bathtub look no further!! I found a great solution for that!! I have read a lot about how lemons are great to use when making your own cleaning supplies but a lot of […]

Clean your Whole House with Vinegar!

In my quest to use natural cleaning products I have to say one of my biggest assets is Vinegar.  You can use vinegar for many different cleaning purposes and can ultimately replace a cleaning product from every room in your house with it!  I have been using it for about a year now and I […]

How to easily remove Sticker Residue from Clothing

My kids are famous for getting stickers when we go places like the Library and sticking them to their clothing. The problem is that they forget to take them off the clothing at night when they change and it ends up going thru the washing machine and leaving behind a nasty looking sticker residue on […]

Natural and Easy Way to Deodorize Shoes

I found a pair of Sandals at the beginning of the Summer that I absolutely fell in love with.  They had the memory foam bottom and were the most comfortable sandals ever.  The problem with these are after getting them wet (being stuck in the rain and walking in the wet grass) the memory foam […]