Teach your Child Letters and Numbers using Magic Fairy Dust!

If you have a young child that is trying to learn their letters or numbers I have a GREAT activity you can do with them. I call this the Fairy Dust Writing Activity! I love this activity because it can also be modified to teach other levels from learning to write to practicing spelling words […]

Fun Free Printable Lunch box Jokes!

One thing that I LOVE to do for my kids is to send them with a little note or a joke in their lunch box everyday!  They look forward to seeing what I send them everyday and so do all their friends.  I just think it gives them a little pick me up during the […]

Lessons I’ve Learned as a New Homeschool Mom

So I will be honest I went into this whole homeschooling thing thinking that it would be a breeze for me because I have years of teaching in a public school experience and have a college background in Elementary Education…ha!   I was very wrong and have learned that things are actually quite different and […]

Top Ways to find Free/Cheap Homeschool Field Trips

One of my biggest fears when I started homeschooling was that it was going to cost me a fortune.  I have two kids and the idea of having to purchase all their curriculum, supplies, and even field trips was scary.  We really don’t have the extra room in our budget to be able to purchase […]

Charlottes Web Chapter by Chapter Study Guide- COMPLETE

It’s been a long time in the making but I’m happy to say I’ve finally done it!…I’ve finished every chapter study guide for my Charlotte’s Web Packet! I went through and changed the graphics, layout, etc… to make it more user friendly and I’ve compiled all the Chapters from 1 to 22 all in one […]

Charlottes Web Chapter by Chapter Study Guide- FREE Download- Chapters 13 & 14

After having a busy week trying to catch up on outside work before it gets too cold here in Michigan I am finally posting the study guide to go along with Chapters 13 and 14 of our Charlotte’s Web Chapter by Chapter Study Guide. You can find Chapters 1-12 on our site under the “Homeschool” […]

Charlottes Web Chapter by Chapter Study Guide- FREE Download- Chapters 11 & 12

I know it has been a long time since I posted the study guides for this Charlottes Web Chapter by Chapter guide!  I’m so sorry but things have been crazy around my house the past year with me working full time and now going back to blogging full time and everything in between! Good News […]

Spring Time Writing Prompts-Free Download

Every Season I try and create a new themed writing packet for my kids.  They love to write and it gives them some prompts to get them thinking and expressing their thoughts in their writing!  I just finished my new Spring Time Writing Prompt and I’m excited to have my kids start working on it! […]

Winter Writing Prompts Packet- Free Download!

I created some Winter Writing Prompts to share with all my wonderful readers! These are great because they can be used for Homeschool or school classrooms! My writing prompts packet is completely FREE for you to download and contains 10 different writing prompts to get your kids thinking and practicing writing. The best thing about […]

Charlottes Web Chapter by Chapter Study Guide- FREE Download- Chapters 9 & 10

My kids and I are reading this book as a read aloud and I decided to create a study guide to go with each chapter to help reinforce what we read. I have completed the study guide to cover Chapter’s 7& 8 of Charlotte’s Web!  You can find the FREE Downloads for Chapter’s 1 & […]