DIY Chocolate Playdough

My kids love playing with playdough.  I used to buy the play-doh tubs but the kids would never seem to remember to put the lids back on the canisters like they were supposed to and it would be constantly drying out.  I got tired of wasting the money on it and decided to start making […]

Creating my New Strawberry Bed for Next Year!

Now that Fall is quickly coming here in Michigan I decided I better get some of these last minute projects done that I have been meaning to do all summer and just have not had the time.  One of these is to create a new strawberry bed for my strawberries.  I was given a couple […]

Looking to raise Chickens? A walk-through Guide of what you will need to know!

This year my Husband and I made the decision that we want to add more chickens to our current flock. We started with 6 chickens last spring and we ended up losing 2 of them to extreme cold weather this winter. We decided that we were going to add in 6 more new chickens this […]

Simple Fun Ways to get your Kids to do their Chores!

Trying to get your kids to do their chores can be a chore in itself! I have found a simple way to get your kids to do their chores and actually want to keep doing them everyday. 1. Let them draw their chores. I created a list of about 10-15 different jobs that my children […]

Simple Easter Centerpiece

I’m always looking for new ideas to decorate my house for the holiday!  Last year I chose to put plastic easter eggs in a vase for my flowers but this year I decided to try something a little different when I saw jellybeans at the store last time I was there.  By placing the jellybeans […]

How to make your own simple Worm Compost Bin

Last week I told you all about my journey into composting.  I started out making a Compost Bin that I keep outdoors and I was waiting on the worm’s I had ordered to arrive to be able to finish up my worm compost bin and share it with you all.  Well Good news is that […]

Top Easter DIY Crafts

Easter is just around the corner.  Have you thought about any decorations or crafts yet?? If not, you need to check out this roundup!I’ve put together a list of some of my FAVORITE Easter Crafts!  These are all super cute and simple to make!   Here’s Where to find them: Living Almost Naturally The Home […]

Thinking about Easter Decorations? How about make a Simple Wreath

I started thinking that Easter was just around the corner now that it is almost March!  I realized that I really do not have any decorations for Easter so I set out to create something for my door!  I made this wreath completely out of things I had already laying around the house. To make […]

Simple DIY Compost Bin

So my week has been filled with starting a ton of Spring Projects that I have!  The first thing I decided to make was a compost bin for my yard.  I really want to eliminate my garbage service and plan to start composting to help achieve this.  The amount of food scraps and other things […]

St Patrick’s Day Pepper Shamrock Paintings

It is another snowy day here in Michigan!! 🙁  After being cooped up in the house for practically the past month the kids and myself are going crazy!  We decided to do a special craft today to start decorating for the next holiday coming up!  I had some old Green Peppers in my refrigerator that […]