About Us

Welcome to Living Almost Naturally!!

I would like to take a minute to tell you about myself and my family!   After spending years of eating “junk” that was processed I finally realized that it was completely unhealthy for us.  I wish I knew what I know now a long time ago about some of the things that go into the foods and everyday items that we use.  It makes me sick to think about everything that I have fed to my kids and to myself over the years.  My family began the journey to start eating and living more naturally a few months ago and I decided to start this blog to share our story and possibly help others along the way who are trying to also change their lives.

Me:  I am currently a Stay at home mom to my two young children.  I also have been married to my wonderful husband for the past almost 7 years! I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes when I was pregnant with my 1st child almost ten years ago.  After giving birth my blood sugar went back to normal for about a year and then I became full blown insulin dependent.  The crazy thing is that I was insulin dependent for 3 years and then one day I no longer needed insulin.  I went on for the next 4 years and another pregnancy never needing any diabetic medication at all.  Doctors were baffled by this (all 7 I seen trying to get answers) and all they would tell me is that it was a miracle.  About 2 years ago my blood sugar started to go up again and I now am taking oral meds and a small amount of lantus to keep them in check.  I believe 100% that my diet and the hormones in the food that I have been ingesting have something to do with the blood sugar level issues and since switching to all non-hormone meat I have noticed my levels actually going down. This is one of the big reasons for my families complete change in lifestyle!

Daughter: A very silly soon to be 1st grader who absolutely loves anything Pink!! She is definitely a girly girl who loves makeup and jewelry but she also will go outside and pick up a frog if she finds one!!

Son: My oldest who is soon to be a 4th grader!  He loves anything to do with sports and is also very active.  When he was 2 years old we had a huge scare when he ingested a cashew not knowing until later that he had a very severe food allergy to Tree Nuts.  His allergy is what started me looking into reading food labels more and learning about what really was in products to make sure that he was safe.

Husband: A great father who works outside the home to support us. He works on computers all day so I use him A LOT with my blog to help me learn how in the world to code some of these things.  He absolutely loves sports  of any kind and is constantly doing construction work on our house.