A Pinterest Cookie Fail

I love Pinterest! I’ve been spending way to much time on it for several years now! LOL! One of my favorite things to do is find new recipes to try. I always print the recipes that look good and save them in a special folder until I get around to trying them.  Once I make them if they were a hit with my family then they earn a spot in my cookbook.  If they are a fail or my family really doesn’t like them then I just toss it in the garbage!

It is a rainy and cold day here so the kids and I decided we wanted to make some cookies.  I pulled out the folder of recipes to try and I had a recipe for Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. Now these cookies looked AMAZING in the pictures that were given with it on Pinterest and the recipe came from a pretty big name blog so we decided to give them a try.

I started doubting the cookies after we got all the ingredients together in the bowl and started mixing.  They just were not coming together like cookie dough usually does.  But I said “Oh well” because these were Gluten free and contained NO flour so I thought that may be why it looked different.

The recipe said to put the cookies in for 7-9 minutes so I set the timer on the oven and walked away.  After about 5 minutes I started smelling something burning so I went back and checked and the cookies were a burnt mess!  They didn’t even look like cookies at all.  They didn’t plump up when they cooked!  They just spread and burnt!  I cannot even imagine what they would have looked like if I would have kept them in the whole time the recipe stated!  They probably would have caught on fire LOL!

So lets just say that recipe went straight into the garbage can and the kids and I are back to square one trying to come up with a good cookie recipe so that we can make some cookies today!!Pinterest Cookie Fail

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