12 Fun Ways to Add the Elements to Your Garden Design

Today we have a guest post on how to add fun elements to your garden design!


Confession time: I was a huge fan of Captain Planet as a child. I would run around my yard with the neighborhood kids, wearing ring pops and shouting out the names of the elements as we pretended to be pint sized eco-warriors.


Nowadays, I’m perfectly happy to do my part by recycling and composting — without shouting “EARTH,” at the top of my lungs while thrusting my fist into the air.


One of my favorite ways to connect with mother nature and the ecosystem is by working in my garden. Being a fan of Captain Planet, I decided I wanted to represent the four elements in my garden design (despite the fact that three of them already exist naturally, lol). I did some research in order to find the perfect items to symbolize earth, fire, wind, and water. Some are obvious, while others are a bit of a stretch — but you can see it if you squint.



  1. River Rock Stepping Stones

I love me some stepping stones! These guys are not only super cute, they look DIY — and I’m such a lazy-bones that I rarely actually craft anything. Get them at Wind & Weather for $32.95.


  1. Earth Illuminarie Globe

It glows in the dark, people. IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! Get it at Garden Gazing Globes for $45.95.



  1. CastArt Studios Portrait of Mother Nature Plaque

A beautiful reminder of why I’m out in the garden in the first place. Get it at Amazon for $99.49.



  1. Magical Minisun Sunface from Innovative Stone Art

A lovely representation of the brightest fire that burns in our solar system! Get it at Etsy for $22.00.



  1. Esschert Design Rust Wood Burning Fire Bowl

I like the unique look of this fire pit. It fits right into the wildness of my garden. Get it at Hayneedle for $78.00.



  1. Desert Steel Ginger Garden Torch

I cannot get over how pretty these are. If it weren’t for the price, I’d plant a bed of these instead of flowers! Get them at Target for $79.99.



  1. Japanese Wind Chime

I don’t know why, but I have always loathed the sound of traditional wind chimes. However, Japanese wind chimes are music to my ears. Get it at Amazon for $10.95.



  1. Recycled Metal Ginkgo Leaves Garden Wind Spinner

Gorgeous and made from reclaimed materials. What’s not to love? Get it at Wind and Weather for $79.95.


  1. Victoria Arrow Weathervane

I’ve always wanted a weather vane. It’s not particularly windy where I live, but I want one anyway. Get it at Wayfair for $132.99.



  1. Mouse Watering Can

Look how freaking cute this is! It definitely puts the fun in functional! Get it at Gardener’s for $24.95.



  1. Solar Ceramic Solar Koi Fountain

This lovely little fountain is perfect for attracting birds and giving them a place to bathe! Get it at Amazon for $89.95.



  1. CobraCo Lattice Steel Hose Holder

Hoses are an essential gardening tool, but they’re ugly as sin. This, however, is a beautiful way to store them. Get it at Avant Garden for $104.99.



I can’t wait to incorporate the four elements in my garden design, and I hope this list inspired you to as well. Thanks for reading, and if you have any suggestions, leave a comment below!


Liz Greene is a dog loving, history studying, pop culture geek from the beautiful City of Trees, Boise, Idaho. You can catch her latest misadventures on her blog, Instant Lo.



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