Top 8 Suprising Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

I was given an Aloe Vera Plant several years ago by my grandmother to grow in our home.  She gave it to me one day after my daughter had gotten sun burnt after spending a day at the beach.  Little did I know that this Aloe plant had so many more health benefits then just […]

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe that I am writing my 1st post for 2017! When I started this blog in 2015 I never thought that I would be sitting here still able to write in 2017! When I think back to all that has happened in my life this past year I am pretty amazed that I […]

Starry Laser Christmas Lights Review

*This post may contain affiliate links.  Please see Disclosure statement for more information* We had an opportunity to review one of the hottest things in Christmas Decorations this year!  It seems like every other house that we pass in our area is using the new Laser Christmas Light Sets.  Our Christmas Lights were Green andBlue […]

Our Elf is Back this Year!

One of the things that my family LOVES each year is the return of our Elf on the Shelf named Elf Bud.  This has been a Christmas Tradition for us for four years now and every year my kids get super excited to see what crazy and funny things our elf friend will do. Honestly […]

Simple and Delicious Breakfast Pizza

It seems like lately we have been in a breakfast rut at my house.  Everyday we seem to eat the same things and everyone was getting really tired of the same old food.  It is hard in the mornings because everyone is in a hurry trying to get stuff done so that we are not […]

Guest Post: Combating Illness in Children

Today we have a Guest Post here from regarding illness and children.  I hope you enjoy! ~ Wendy   As any parent of school-age children will know, “back to school” means “back to the doctor.” For all the outdoor activities kids do in the summer, there’s rarely a sniffle to be heard. Why is […]

How to Survive Packing School Lunches with Food Allergies

As a parent of a child with a food allergy it can be very scary sending them back to school.  You have to hope that they will not be fed anything or become exposed to the allergen.  My oldest has a Tree nut allergy and learning how to adjust to reading all labels all the […]

Naturally keep Fruit Flies away from your Fruit

I love having a bowl of Fresh fruit sitting out so that my family can just pick it up and eat it for a snack. I hate the fruit flies that end up coming along with it though, especially around bananas.  I found an all natural way to get rid of these pesky bugs so […]

Teach your Child Letters and Numbers using Magic Fairy Dust!

If you have a young child that is trying to learn their letters or numbers I have a GREAT activity you can do with them.  I love this activity because it can also be modified to teach other levels from learning to write to practicing spelling words with older children!  I did this with my […]

Do you have trouble getting your kids to take their Vitamins? Try MegaFoods Nutrient Powders instead!!

If you have picky eaters like my kids it can be hard to get them to take their vitamins everyday.  I have tried tons and tons of different brands and flavors of vitamins and just could not seem to find any that my kids would willingly take on a daily basis.  It was a constant […]