Got Rust Stains on your Clothing? Try Lemon Juice as an All Natural Cleaner!

How to remove rust stains from clothing

It’s been a crazy couple of days here at our house preparing for Spring with planting seeds and trying to get our garden ready now that there is no snow on the ground!  So its been a couple days since I’ve been able to post, but I really wanted to share this all natural way […]

The “NO Poo” Shampoo Method: Does it really work??

The no poo shampoo method does it really work

About two months ago I decided to jump on the new “NO Poo” shampoo method trend and try it out for myself.  I first heard about it probably close to a year ago but I was scared to try it out.  I kept researching it more and more though and probably read close to fifty […]

Top Backyard DIY Ideas

Top Outdoor Project ideas for your yard

I am always looking for ways to create a more beautiful livable space in my backyard.  I have come up with a list of some of my favorite DIY projects you can do to make your yard look amazing!!  I’m definitely going to have to try these all out!   DIY Solar Lamp from HERE […] is now a Mobile App and receive $10.00 with your 1st Purchase


*Affiliate Link* Find Flavor at your Fingertips with’s Mobile App! Receive a FREE $10 eGift Card with Your FIRST Purchase on the Mobile App! is offering a FREE $10 eGift Card with your first purchase on their mobile app!* Mobile App Using location-based technology, the mobile app allows you to […]

Grab your $5.00 Discover Box from Abe’s Market

Abes Market Discover Box

Are you new to using natural products? If you are you definitely want to try out Abe’s Market’s $5.00 discover box! This box is selected by you and gives  you a way to test out new products before you spend the money to buy the full size.  To create your box you select three samples […]

How to make your own Washing Soda using Baking Soda

how to make your own washing soda

I make my own laundry detergent and have been doing this for several years now.  My daughter has very sensitive skin so before I started making our own laundry soap I had to be super careful what laundry detergent we bought.  It had to be free and clear and even then she would break out […]

Simple ways to Save Money while doing Laundry

Simple ways to save money while doing laundry

I don’t know about you but it seems like laundry is a never-ending adventure in my house! I honestly do not know where it all comes from My family is always looking for ways to save money at our house and I know that washing clothing can cost a lot on your electric bill so […]

How to grow Potatoes in a Container

How to grow Potatoes in a container

One thing I have found this year with my new garden is that I definitely have more plants than I have space to grow them all in my backyard.  I have decided that I need to plant some of the vegetables and plants in containers in order to maximize my space.  If you do not […]

Guest Post: Infusing Spring Charm into your Bedroom via Cushions and More!


 Hello everyone. I am Kathy Joe and I am crazy about home decor and everything pretty. I am a girl-next-door but I love to experiment with new home decor inspirations. I am over whelmed to be a guest here. Please hop to my blog for more of my work. Infusing Spring Charm into Your Bedroom […]

Looking to raise Chickens? A walk-through Guide of what you will need to know!

Walk Through guide on how to raise chickens

This year my Husband and I made the decision that we want to add more chickens to our current flock. We started with 6 chickens last spring and we ended up losing 2 of them to extreme cold weather this winter. We decided that we were going to add in 6 more new chickens this […]